Home recent-news Vanderpump Rules' actress, Ariana Madix Weight Gain. The reality star wants a slimmer face!

Vanderpump Rules' actress, Ariana Madix Weight Gain. The reality star wants a slimmer face!

sarthak Published On Fri Jun 12 2020 Modified On Wed Jun 10 2020
Vanderpump Rules' actress, Ariana Madix Weight Gain. The reality star wants a slimmer face!

Being active in Hollywood is sure a good thing, but unlike we seen on-screen, an actor has to go through a lot of difficulties. When reality tv star Ariana Madix shares her pictures on social media, there isn't a single day where fans haven't commented on her appearance. Either they talk about her face or her changing weight. Madix remarks that negative comments make her feel self-conscious.

The 34-year-old, Madix currently stars as a regular cast of Bravo's reality series, Vanderpump Rules. She began appearing in the show since 2013. Apart from being a television personality, she is an actress as well as an author of a cocktail book.

How much weight has Ariana gained?

Recently on March 5, 2020, the Vanderpump Rules bartender addressed her followers in Instagram stories. She revealed her desire to have a skinny face with the angled jawline.

So, I've talked before about how I want a skinny face. I've gained like 20, 25 pounds since starting Vanderpump Rules. Working on getting a little bit fitter. But I found this filter called Skinny Face, and I got really excited about it.

Madix was excited about the new app but didn't felt happy with the filter. She even compared herself to a character of the movie, Ratatouille. Funny, isn't it?

Ariana says: It's rude to comment on someone's looks!

No matter how popular you are or how many followers you have got, there will always be some sort of negative attitude flowing towards you. While most celebrities might lose their cool, Madix has a unusual way to keep her haters shut their mouths.

Ariana is no stranger to body shaming, just like another plus-size model, Ashley Graham. However, Graham went on to become the world's famous swimsuit model. So, how do these celebrities deal with hate comments?

Ariana Madix wants a slimmer face after gaining 20 pounds.
Image: Vanderpump Rules' star, Ariana Madix, says she has gained 20-25 pounds since the start of the first season.
Source: Getty Images

In an interview with E! News, Ariana said: "I'm constantly being told that I got filler in my cheeks and I'm very self-conscious about having like a chubby face and I've always wanted an angular jawline and an angular cheekbone so when people say that, I don't think you guys realize how rude you're being.”

Madix feels body conscious when someone points out about her weight gain. Also, she thinks people should focus on their work rather than spreading hate.

Has the reality star done Plastic Surgery?

Yes, the reality star reportedly had plastic surgery. She did a technique called, Ellevate, a procedure that doesn't require a patient to go completely under the knife. Madix enhanced her cheekbones and jawline.

Ariana Madix is daitng her boyfriend and Vanderpump Rules co-star, Tom Sandoval.
Image: Ariana Madix with her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval.
Source: Pinterest

During an appearance at a music festival in January 2019, viewers noticed a large scar on Madix's chest. She assured the viewers that the scar was the removal of skin. Despite being trolled every time she has stood up without getting in any troubles. For your information, Madix lives with her boyfriend and Vanderpump Rules' co-star, Tom Sandoval.