Home gossip Crisitna Cuomo tries opposed remedies to cure novel Coronavirus

Crisitna Cuomo tries opposed remedies to cure novel Coronavirus

sarthak Published On Tue Jun 09 2020 Modified On Mon Jun 08 2020
Crisitna Cuomo tries opposed remedies to cure novel Coronavirus

During the global pandemic around the world, the total Corona-virus cases as of April 25 is over 2.8 million. Thousands of people have died and millions across the countries are staying in quarantine. While the doctors have provided certain remedies for people, Cristina Cuomo has been approaching a different method to cure corona-virus. However, she has been facing many criticisms for trying these remedies. Want to know what she did and how is her health now? Stay till the end.

Crisitna, an editor and founder of a wellness magazine is the wife of CNN presenter, Chris Cuomo. The couple have been married since November 2001 and has three kids, Bella, Mario, and Carolina.

Cristina and her son Mario tested positive for CoronaVirus!

On March 31, 2020, Cristina's husband announced via Twitter that he was infected with coronavirus. Afterward, he started working for his show, 'Cuomo Prime Time', from his home's basement.

Mario Jr, the only son of Chris and Cristina Cuomo has been tested positive for the coronavirus.
Image: After Chris and his wife, Cristina Cuomo have won the battle against coronavirus their son Mario has tested positive for the COVID-19.
Source: [email protected]

Chris was extremely cautious not so expose himself in-front of Cristina and their kids. However, on April 15 the anchor told that his wife tested positive for coronavirus. Further, the Cuomo family was hit hard when their son, Mario Jr, got infected with the virus. Crisitina shared a heartful message on her Instagram saying that her son tested positive for the COVID-19.

Chris and Cristina have won the battle against Corona-Virus

On April 20, Chris publicly ended his quarantine sharing with his viewers about the relief. He also announced that Cristina was out of quarantine as well. Now, the parent couple is battling for their son's cure.

Chris publicly ended his quarantine on April 20, 2020 and Cristina is also out of quarantine.
Image: Chris and his daughter, Bella Cuomo. After several days in quarantine he and wife, Cristina have recovered from the coronavirus.
Source: Insta[email protected]

Two days after their quarantine ended, Cristina wrote on Instagram: "After 10 days of ups and downs, feeling good one day and terrible the next, I am now working hard to get my son, Mario, through the virus," She wrote: "My heart hurts more than my head over his infection."

Cristina treated her corona-virus with Clorox Bleach Baths

Cristina is the founder and editor of a health and wellness magazine called The Purist. She recently shared the unconventional methods on her blog which helped her family's recover. Some of the tactics she used are vitamin drips, Clorox baths and pemf machines. Although she and her husband are fine now, many medical experts and doctors wildly criticized her remedy methods.

Chris Cuomo's wife, Cristina used opposed remedy methods to cure coronavirus!

Cristina recommended to bath using disinfecting Clorox bleach. But the cleaning product company has warned against it. Cuomo said she added half cup of Clorox to her bathwater to fight the radiation and metals in her body system. However, the official Clorox website stated that their product was not for personal hygiene. Further, President Donald Trump has repeatedly said to consult with medical doctors.

As per Cuomo's Instagram post, she took oxygenated herbs, antivirals, decongestant Sinex, and multiple vitamins. Meanwhile, physician, LaMar Hasbrouck said that too much of any good thing can be extremely toxic.

Why Cristina chose unusual remedies to fight with COVID-19?

As mentioned, Cuomo is the founder of a wellness platform. She is an enthusiast of traditional yoga, herbal healing, medical radiesthesia, and nutrition. Do you know Cuomo chooses vacation spots based on the geographical energy?

Cristina used clorox baths, pemf machines and numerous vitamins to cure her coronavirus.
Image: Founder of The Purist, Cristina used unconventional methods to cure her coronavirus.
Source: pagesix

Moreover, Cuomo considers using natural methods to cure any disease. She says Nature is the seat of human's inner soul. Nevertheless, she and her husband is fine now. Their son Mario will also recover with the help of his parents.

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