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Fact You should know about Bella Cuomo

sarthak Published On Sat Jun 06 2020 Modified On Mon Jun 08 2020
Fact You should know about Bella Cuomo

We see most of the celebrity children follows the footsteps of their parents. Only a few individuals make a name for themselves by showing their skills. And the 17-year-old, Bella Cuomo has risen to become one of the most loved TikTok celebrity.

Bella has an insane number of followers and likes on her TikTok account. She launched her channel in August 2019, and this young star is receiving immense love from her fans. There are lots of unknown facts about Bella and her personal life. So, get to know the oldest daughter of CNN presenter, Chris Cuomo and his wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo.

Best Known as a TikTok celebrity

Let's agree on one thing. Nowadays, social media has become an essential part of daily life, especially with teenagers. While some use it to broaden their friend circle, youngsters like Bella use it to promote their talents. She has nearly 13 million likes on her official TikTok channel under the username, 'bellavcuomo.' Another young rising TikTok user is King Jacob.

TikTok Star, Bella Cuomo has over 12.7 million likes on her channel.
Image: Bella Cuomo is a TikTok star. Also, she has great acting and singing skills.
Source: [email protected]

As of now, Bella hasn't officially begun her acting career. However, she shares pictures of her audition at her University. Additionally, Cuomo's mother once revealed that her daughter participated in the stage productions of 'Chicago' and 'Mary Poppins.' So, she is a rising stage star as well.

Her parents are Millionaires

Bella's father, Chris Cuomo, works as a presenter for CNN's show, 'Cuomo Prime Time.' He comes from a reputed family as his father was a New York Governor. Likewise, Chris' wife of 19 years Mrs Cristina Greeven is the founder of a wellness magazine called, 'PURIST.' So, they must be pretty wealthy.

Chris and his spouse, Cristina welcomed Isabella (Bella) in 2003.
Image: Cristina Cuomo and her husband, Chris, with their eldest daughter, Bella.
Source: Getty Images

Well, Chis has a net worth of $12 million, while his annual salary at CNN is over $2 million. Meanwhile, Bella's mom, Cristina's net worth, is no less than a million-dollar. As a New York-based magazine editor, her annual income is over $56,000 per year. Therefore, there is no doubt that Bella grew up in a good environment.

Is 17 too young age to have a Relationship?

As glamour and social activity has influenced so much in our personal lives, it is common for new generations to get involved in romantic relationships. We have heard of teens having affairs and going to prom dates or whatever. But, is the 17-year-old Bella dating someone?

The 17-year-old, Bella Cuomo doesn't have a boyfriend.
Image: The beautiful Bella Cuomo and her best friend at their prom date.
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Well, if you scroll and look at Bella's Instagram posts, you can see that one guy seems to be very close to her. In fact, the two went to their prom dates as a couple. Could they be lovers? Until now, Bella hasn't spoken about her love life, neither she has mentioned any boy as her boyfriend. She is focused on her career and studies, so falling in love doesn't interest her.

Bella's Siblings are no less than their Sister

The longtime couple, Chris and Cristina married in 2001 in Southampton, New York. They welcomed first child, Isabella (Bella) on March 12, 2003. Bella's siblings, Mario Jr. and Carolina were born in 2006 and 2009, respectively.

Bella has two siblings; one brother and a sister
Image: Bella Cuomo enjoying with her parents and siblings.
Source: Chris Cuomo

Now, let's some unknown facts about Bella's siblings. Her little brother, Mario, has a Black Belt in Karate. He also has amazing athletic skills. Similarly, her little sister, Carolina, is an incredible gymnast. She won the first place, third overall at Manhattan Classic Gymnastics meet in January 2020. No wonder, Chris and Cristina always express about how lucky they are as parents.

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