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Joseph Baena: Facts to know about Arnold Schwarzenegger's son!

sarthak Published On Tue Jun 09 2020 Modified On Sun Apr 26 2020
Joseph Baena: Facts to know about Arnold Schwarzenegger's son!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger's longtime wife, Maria Shriver, filed for divorce in 2011, people were shocked and devastated. Maria revealed that she decided to left her husband after knowing he had fathered a son born in 1997. Arnold gave birth to his love child named Joseph Baena while he was married to Shriver. And the mother of his love child is the former household employee named, Mildred Patricia Baena.

Joseph was born on October 2, 1997, and is 22 years old as of 2020. He graduated from Pepperdine University in April 2019. Now, let's know some interesting facts about Arnie's bodybuilder son.

Joseph's Mother used to work at Arnold's House

Yes, Arnold didn't have an affair, but he secretly had a child with his housemaid. Mildred was a married woman, but she never pressed any charges against the former Governor. Additionally, Arnold fathered his son without revealing anything to his family.

Arnold and his former household employee, Mildred Baena welcomed a son named, Joseph Baena in October 1997.
Image: Arnold secretly welcomed a child named Joseph Baena (right) with his housemaid, Mildred Patricia Baena (left).
Source: Pinterest

With time, Maria got suspicious of Joseph's appearance. He looked exactly like her husband and confronted Schwarzenegger. He finally confessed about his mistake, and in May 2011, the couple ended their 25 years long marital relationship. 

He is the spitting image of his former bodybuilder father

Unlike his other siblings, Joseph Baena is passionate about bodybuilding, just like his father. He stands at 1.81m tall and has a muscular physique. There is no doubt that Joseph exactly looks like Arnold in-terms of facial and physical appearance.

Joseph Baena, the son of Arnold and Mildred Baena looks exactly like his father.
Image: Joseph Baena took to Instagram to re-create his father's iconic pose.
Source: dailymail.co.uk

On April 9, 2020, Joseph shared a picture on his Instagram, flexing his impressive physique. The fitness model captioned: "Perfect time to practice some posing." He recreated his father's iconic pose taken in October 1976 when Arnold was 29.

You might know, Arnold won Mr. Olympia contest six times in a row. Besides, he became one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors throughout the '80s and '90s. Joseph is following his father's footsteps by becoming a dedicated bodybuilder. Recently, the father-son duo caught up to have a bike ride amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cold Relation with his Siblings

The former Governor of California didn't reveal about his love child until 2011. He and ex-wife, Maria has four other children named Katherine, Patrick, Christina, and Christopher Schwarzenegger. As Arnie and Maria separated, Joseph didn't get a chance to grow up near his half-siblings. He was present in the house but was left alone. Therefore, to this day, his relationship with other siblings is not good.

Joseph Baena's relationship with his half-siblings is not good.
Image: From left to right, Patrick, Christina, Maria, Katherine, and Christopher Schwarzenegger.
Source: Getty Images

In the 2019 wedding of Katherine and actor Chris Pratt, Joseph was noticeably absent. A close family source said that the siblings has no relationship with Joseph. His sisters ignore him on social media, but Joseph seems to be yearning for healthy family time.

Joseph's Girlfriend is Hot

The 22-year-old Joseph Baena is dating his girlfriend, Nicky Dodaj. And the couple has been together for a year. On February 23, 2020, Baena celebrated his one-year-anniversary with Dodaj.

Joseph Baena is in a relationship with girlfriend, Nicky Dodaj.
Image: Joseph is currently dating his girlfriend, Nicky Dodaj.
Source: Getty Images

Baena shared a picture on his Instagram with the caption: "One year with my partner in crime!!! Can’t wait for more the many more adventures, laughs, and celebrations to come! I Love you."

Nicky and Joseph met at Pepperdine University, and she has a nickname for him, Jojo. Well, the couple looks adorable together. Do you know, Baena previously dated Savannah Wix, the 2019 Miss America USA?

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