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Academy award-winning actress, Mo'nique's Weight Loss Journey!

sarthak Published On Fri Jun 12 2020 Modified On Thu May 07 2020
Academy award-winning actress, Mo'nique's Weight Loss Journey!

Mo'Nique (52) is an American comedian and actress. She won the Oscar award for Best supporting actress for her performance in the 2009 film, Precious. She is best known as a cast member of the movie, The Queens of Comedy.

Mo'Nique's weight has always been over 200 pounds since she was 17. But the comedian felt an urge to change her life by adopting a healthy lifestyle. She began her weight loss journey in late 2013, and in 2020 she looks completely different.

Under 200 pounds For the first time!

During her whole adult life, Mo'Nique, at her heaviest, weighed around 300 lbs (137 kg). However, she took a new approach to deal with her body fat. She began doing intense exercises and switched to a vegan diet.

The Parkers actress, Mo'Nique's goal weight is between 190-200 pounds.
Image: Since 2013, Mo'nique has successfully maintained a weight loss of 90 lbs.
Source: Pinterest 

Since 2013, The Parkers' comedian has successfully maintained a weight loss of over 90 pounds (40.8 kg). In an interview with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, she said:

“Right now, I’m still between 198 and 210. I still teeter. Now in American society, that is still a big woman. If I was an MMA fighter I’d be a heavyweight right? If I was a regular boxer, I’d be a super heavyweight. So I’m still a big woman, but it makes me say, how big was I? How big was I that now they look at me and say, ‘You’re skinny’? Well, damn is all I can say.”

How she lost over 90 pounds? Well, Mo credits diet and exercise for her incredible weight loss. As for workouts, she does weight lifting and a lot of cardio. She has a trainer named Dwight Holt, Jr. For diets, Mo includes raw food and plant-based diets. A popular reality star and actress, Adrienne Bailon, also recommends plant-based diets.

Mo'Nique has been under 200 pounds for the first time since she was 17.
Image: Mo'Nique has successfully maintained a weight loss of 90 pounds since 2013.
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On March 29, 2018, Mo'Nique shared a video on her Instagram sharing her happiness of being under 200 pounds. A week later, she shared a before and after picture of herself. People were stunned to see the actress's amazing weight loss.

Academy Award-winning actress, Mo'Nique included dance sessions for losing weight!

Mo'Nique is very happy happy with her progress, and her target weight is between 190-200 lbs. On her social media, The Phat Girlz actress regularly shares her workout videos and motivates her followers. Recently, actress/comedian Rebel Wilson also amazed the fans with her weight loss.  

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