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Tom Hank's Family Journey in Hollywood

Sumit Published On Fri May 29 2020 Modified On Fri Jan 17 2020
Tom Hank's Family Journey in Hollywood

There are only few actors in the Hollywood industry who are able to leave their footprints through their mesmerizing performance. And Tom Hanks is the name who cannot be forgotten. In fact, he is a huge star widely regarded as an American cultural icon.

From fighting in the second world war in order to rescue a private, to getting stranded in an island and making friends with a volleyball, he's done every role that you can think of.

Hanks hasn't been a superhero in the movies, you'll say, but tell you what; Tom is a superhero in real life. Following his passion from a young age, becoming a very young father and yet managing a family, Hanks has been there and done it all. His speech at the Golden Globes was very warm and heartfelt, which is the reason why we're here.

So, let's take a look at Tom Hanks' family, first generation off-springs and their journey in Hollywood.

Colin Hanks

Forty-two year old Colin Hanks is somewhat of a replica of his father. He was born to the actor and his first wife Samantha Lewes, when the former was just 21. 

Colin Hanks, when he was younger than Forty-two.
Source: Facebook

He followed his father's footsteps into acting, appearing in films such as Orange County, King Kong, and the Jumanji series. He also appeared in TV shows like The Good Guys, and Roswell.

He has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his role as a supporting actor in Fargo. And like his father, he also played Mr. Rogers—but it was in a Comedy Central episode of Drunk History. He does have a sense of humor, it can be said. In November 2018 Colin started a handkerchief company named "Hanks Kerchiefs."

Tom Hanks is a grandpa, unsurprisingly. In May 2010, he married Samantha Bryant and they have two children named Olivia Jane, born in 2011, and Charlotte Bryant, born in 2013.

Elizabeth Hanks

Tom Hank's only daughter and second child, Elizabeth is a writer. She has also dipped her toe into acting by appearing in small roles like "School Bus Girl" in Forrest Gump, and "Bored Girl in Dress Shop" in That Thing You Do!"

Elizabeth Hanks and her father Tom Hanks.
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Elizabeth's writing has been published in various outlets like Guardian, NYT, and Buzzfeed, and she's apparently working on a book.

Chet Hanks

Born in August 1990, Chet is the first child of Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks. Chet struggled with drug addiction in the past, but after entering rehab he is now sober.

Chet Hanks at the Golden Globes.
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He's an actor and a rapper. In an interview he credited the birth of his daughter for helping him get clean, calling her his "ride or die." Michaiah was born in April 2016, the third grandchild for Tom Hanks.

Chet landed a role on the Fox TV show, Empire, which might be a sign of many more to come.

Truman Theodore Hanks

Truman is the youngest of the first generation Hank Gang. Truman was born in 1995 to Tom and Rita Wilson.

Truman Hanks with his father Tom.
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Despite having a profile lower than ones of his siblings, he is named as a production assistant on the 2018 movie, The Cloverfield Paradox, as well as the 2019 Charlie's Angels remake.

He might be headed for a Hollywood career himself. 

These are the members of the first generation of the Tom Hanks family. All of them are in Hollywood, one way or the other, and we wish them a happy life and a successful Hollywood career.