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Canadian actress and former model, Tricia Helfer beauty secrets. How she stays young at 46!

sarthak Published On Thu Jun 11 2020 Modified On Mon May 04 2020
Canadian actress and former model, Tricia Helfer beauty secrets. How she stays young at 46!

When you become old, staying youthful and busy seems to be an impossible task. But actress Tricia Helfer has proved that age is nothing but just a number. The 46-year-old Canadian actress is a former supermodel as well. She has appeared on countless magazine covers and editorials. In 2007, Tricia appeared as the cover model for Playboy magazine.

Helfer is one of those actresses who always stunned the viewers with her appearance. Even in her mid-40s, she doesn't hesitate to go completely nude and show her perfect physique. Let's know all the beauty secrets from the Battlestar Galactica's actress.

Tricia Helfer Diet Plan

There is a famous saying: "What you eat is what you become." And Tricia has a strong belief in eating a proper diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In an interview, Helfer revealed that she eats clean and healthy plant-based diets. A longtime vegetarian, Tricia admits eating junk foods earlier, but currently, her diet contains lots of salad and vegetables.

Tricia Helfer during her modeling days.
Image: Actress, Tricia Helfer is a vegetarian and eats a plant-based diet.
Source: [email protected]

Helfer with a height of 1.8 m weighs around 134 lbs (61 kg). Her special features are well-toned long legs and a killer smile. When she feels hungry, the actress likes to eat sliced apple with almond butter, and she loves roasted garlic hummus. A famous reality star and actress, Adrienne Bailon lost 20 lbs by following a plant-based diet.

Fitness Routine

Whether you've noticed or not, but the actress always plays some kind of bad-ass character. And to portray the role of a strong woman on-screen, one needs to incredibly active and fit. So, what methods does Tricia use to stay in shape?

Tricia Helfer likes to run or hike.
Image: Tricia Helfer regularly works out to maintain her slim body.
Source: Pinterest 

To maintain her slender body, Helfer likes to run and hike sometimes. She is a practitioner of yoga and calisthenics as well. She doesn't do weightlifting, but Pilates is her favorite. While some struggle to get a slim figure, model like Ashley Graham is known for her plus-size figure.  

Secret for Tricia's Glowing Skin

Not only the Lucifer actress has a beautiful body, but she also has a glowing, youthful appearance. For someone who is in her mid-40s, Tricia has aged gracefully. In an online interview, Tricia revealed that she never had any skin problems during her teenage years.

Tricia Helfer uses chemical free skin products!
Image: Actress Tricia Helfer is 46 years old as of 2020 but looks incredibly young.
Source: [email protected]

For skin products, Helfer uses oil-free lotion and luminous serum. She also uses sunscreen lotions having high SPF. Helfer likes to mascara on special occasions. Be sure to check out her social media profiles where the actress regularly updates about her daily life.

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